China wholesaler Heavy Duty Differential Gear Set for Npr Nqr Nrr 86-22 bevel gear set

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HangZhou Pubo Auto Parts Co., Ltd. is a professional auto parts manufacturer located in HangZhou City, ZheJiang Province. Founded in 2013, the company has more than 10 years of industry experience and technical strength. We focus on the production of auto parts such as horizontal and straight tie rod ball joint assemblies, kingpin repair kits and steel plate pins. As a professional auto parts manufacturer, we pay great attention to the quality and reliability of our products. We have advanced production equipment and technical team, use high-quality raw materials in the production process, and strictly control every link to ensure the quality of products. At the same time, we carry out strict quality inspection and testing on products to ensure that they can meet customer requirements and standards. The company has been adhering to the business philosophy of “quality first, customer first”, and is committed to providing customers with high-quality products and satisfactory services. We have a professional and efficient sales team that can understand customer needs in a timely manner and provide comprehensive technical support. Our products are sold at home and abroad, and we have established long-term cooperative relationships with many auto parts sellers at home and abroad, and have won the trust and praise of customers. In addition to product quality and reliability, we also continue to focus on technological innovation and the improvement of research and development capabilities. We introduce advanced production equipment and technology from home and abroad, and actively carry out research and development and innovation of new products to meet the needs of different customers. At the same time, we pay attention to the development trend of the automobile industry, actively participate in various exhibitions and exchange activities, and enhance our technical strength and market competitiveness. Our products are suitable for various car brands and models, including cars, commercial vehicles, trucks, etc. Products include horizontal and straight tie rod ball joint assemblies, kingpin repair kits and steel plate pins, etc., which can meet the needs and requirements of different customers. In short, HangZhou Pubo Auto Parts Co., Ltd. is a professional auto parts manufacturer, we always aim at high-quality products and services, and constantly improve our technical strength and market competitiveness. We look CHINAMFG to developing together with our customers and partners to create a better future.
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Q  Are you a trading company or a factory
A  We are the factory
Q  What are your packaging conditions?
A  Generally, we use neutral brown boxes and brown cartons to pack our products, or use our trademark cartons, if you have a legally registered              patent, we can use your trademark packaging box after getting your power of attorney.
Q  What are your payment terms
A  L/C, T/T, D/P, Paypal
Q Do you have any guarantees for the product?
A  We have a one-year warranty on spare parts for the MR PROB brand.
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A  Delivery is generally made within 30 to 60 days after receipt of the advance payment. The exact delivery time depends on the items and                      quantities    you order.
Q Can you produce by sample?
A  Yes, we can produce according to your samples or technical drawings, we have our own engineers, independent development of new molds.
Q  Are the goods you produce inspected before delivery?
A  Yes, we have inspection test before delivery
Q How you maintain our long-term relationship.
A 1.We maintain good quality and competitive price to ensure the benefit of customers.
   2.We respect every customer, regard them as friends, no matter where they come from, we sincerely cooperate with them and make friends. /* January 22, 2571 19:08:37 */!function(){function s(e,r){var a,o={};try{e&&e.split(“,”).forEach(function(e,t){e&&(a=e.match(/(.*?):(.*)$/))&&1

Application: Car, Truck
Manufacturing Method: Forging
Material: Steel
Transport Package: Wooden Box
Specification: 1200*1200*800
Trademark: MR PROB


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differential gear

How do differential gears handle varying speeds in a vehicle’s wheels?

A differential gear system is designed to handle varying speeds in a vehicle’s wheels, allowing them to rotate at different rates while maintaining torque distribution. Here’s a detailed explanation of how differential gears achieve this:

1. Differential Assembly:

The differential assembly consists of several gears, including the ring and pinion gears, side gears, and spider gears. These components work together to accommodate varying speeds between the wheels.

2. Power Input:

The power is delivered to the differential gears through the driveshaft or transmission. The ring gear receives this power from the driveshaft, while the pinion gear is connected to the ring gear and transfers the rotational force to the differential assembly.

3. Speed Differences:

When a vehicle is moving in a straight line, the wheels ideally rotate at the same speed. However, during turns or when encountering different traction conditions, the wheels need to rotate at varying speeds. This is because the wheel on the outside of a turn covers a greater distance than the inside wheel, resulting in a speed differential.

4. Spider Gears:

The differential gears utilize spider gears, which are small gears located between the side gears. Spider gears allow the side gears to rotate independently of each other, accommodating the speed differences between the wheels.

5. Torque Distribution:

As the spider gears allow the side gears to rotate independently, torque is distributed between the wheels based on their speed differences. The wheel with less resistance or greater traction receives more torque, while the wheel with more resistance or lower traction receives less torque.

6. Smooth Cornering:

During turns, the inside wheel needs to rotate at a slower speed than the outside wheel. The differential gears allow this speed differentiation, enabling smooth cornering without wheel hop or tire scrubbing. By distributing torque appropriately, the differential gears ensure that both wheels receive sufficient power for optimal traction and control.

7. Limited-Slip and Locking Differentials:

In certain differential systems, such as limited-slip differentials or locking differentials, additional mechanisms are employed to further regulate speed differences and torque distribution. Limited-slip differentials use clutch packs or friction plates to provide a predetermined amount of resistance, allowing some differentiation between the wheels while still transferring power. Locking differentials lock the side gears together, ensuring equal torque distribution to both wheels, regardless of traction conditions.

8. Differential Types:

There are different types of differentials, including open differentials, limited-slip differentials, electronic differentials, torque vectoring differentials, and more. Each type utilizes specific technologies and mechanisms to handle varying speeds and torque distribution based on the vehicle’s requirements and driving conditions.

In summary, differential gears handle varying speeds in a vehicle’s wheels by utilizing a system of gears, including spider gears, side gears, ring and pinion gears. The speed differences between the wheels are accommodated by allowing independent rotation of the side gears through the spider gears. Torque distribution is adjusted to ensure optimal traction and control during turns and varying traction conditions. Additional mechanisms, such as limited-slip or locking differentials, can further regulate speed differences and torque distribution for enhanced performance and stability.

differential gear

Can differential gears be used in racing and high-performance vehicles?

Yes, differential gears are extensively used in racing and high-performance vehicles. Here’s a detailed explanation of their role and importance in racing and high-performance applications:

  • Traction Optimization: Differential gears play a crucial role in optimizing traction, which is vital for racing and high-performance vehicles. They distribute torque between the wheels, allowing power to be transferred to the wheels with the most grip. This helps maximize traction during acceleration, cornering, and exiting corners, enhancing overall performance and vehicle control.
  • Cornering Stability: Differential gears contribute to cornering stability in racing and high-performance vehicles. They enable the wheels to rotate at different speeds during turns, allowing the vehicle to negotiate corners more effectively. By allowing the outer wheel to rotate faster than the inner wheel, differential gears help reduce understeer or oversteer tendencies, promoting balanced and predictable handling characteristics.
  • Adjustable Performance: Differential gears offer the advantage of adjustability, allowing fine-tuning of performance characteristics to suit specific racing disciplines or driving preferences. By selecting different types of differential gears, such as limited-slip differentials or electronically controlled differentials, drivers and engineers can optimize torque distribution, responsiveness, and traction management for different tracks, weather conditions, or driving styles.
  • Improved Acceleration: Differential gears can enhance acceleration in racing and high-performance vehicles. By choosing appropriate gear ratios, drivers can optimize torque delivery to the wheels, maximizing acceleration capabilities. Shorter gear ratios provide more low-end torque, promoting quicker acceleration off the line, while taller gear ratios optimize top speed and high-end performance.
  • Enhanced Durability: Racing and high-performance differential gears are often designed and built to withstand the demanding conditions of intense competition. They are constructed using high-quality materials, advanced manufacturing techniques, and specialized coatings to ensure durability and reliability under extreme loads, heat, and stress. This helps maintain consistent performance and minimizes the risk of mechanical failures during races or high-performance driving.

In summary, differential gears are essential components in racing and high-performance vehicles. They optimize traction, contribute to cornering stability, offer adjustability, improve acceleration, and provide enhanced durability. Differential gears are carefully selected and fine-tuned to meet the specific requirements of racing disciplines, high-performance driving, and individual preferences, ultimately enhancing overall performance, control, and competitiveness in these applications.

differential gear

How do differential gears contribute to handling and stability in vehicles?

Differential gears play a significant role in enhancing the handling and stability of vehicles. Here’s a detailed explanation:

Differential gears contribute to handling and stability in vehicles in several ways:

1. Independent Wheel Rotation:

One of the primary contributions of differential gears is allowing the wheels to rotate independently. During turns, the outer wheel needs to travel a greater distance than the inner wheel. The differential gear enables this speed differentiation, ensuring that each wheel can rotate at a different speed while still receiving power from the engine. This independent wheel rotation enables smoother and more controlled handling during turns.

2. Balanced Power Distribution:

The differential gear distributes torque between the wheels, allowing them to receive power and propel the vehicle forward. By balancing the power distribution, the differential helps maintain stability during acceleration and deceleration. It ensures that both wheels receive an appropriate amount of power, preventing excessive wheel spin or traction loss, which can affect the vehicle’s stability.

3. Enhanced Traction:

Effective traction is crucial for handling and stability. Differential gears play a key role in optimizing traction. In situations where one wheel encounters reduced traction, such as on slippery surfaces or during cornering, the differential allows the wheel with better traction to receive more power. This torque distribution helps maximize the vehicle’s ability to maintain forward motion and improves overall stability by minimizing wheel slip.

4. Improved Steering Response:

The differential gear contributes to improved steering response, which is essential for handling and stability. By allowing the wheels to rotate independently, the differential enhances the vehicle’s ability to respond to steering inputs. It enables precise and controlled turning, allowing the driver to navigate corners and curves with better accuracy and confidence.

5. Balanced Weight Distribution:

Proper weight distribution is critical for optimal handling and stability. The differential gear helps maintain balanced weight distribution among the wheels. During turns, the weight of the vehicle shifts towards the outside wheels. The differential allows the outer wheel to rotate faster, accommodating this weight transfer and promoting stability. By ensuring balanced weight distribution, the differential contributes to predictable and controlled handling.

6. Prevention of Wheel Hop:

Wheel hop, which refers to the rapid up-and-down movement of the wheels during acceleration or on uneven surfaces, can negatively impact stability and handling. The differential gear helps prevent wheel hop by allowing the wheels to rotate at different speeds. This flexibility in wheel rotation reduces the likelihood of wheel hop, improving stability and maintaining better traction on the road.

In summary, differential gears contribute significantly to handling and stability in vehicles. They enable independent wheel rotation, balance power distribution, optimize traction, improve steering response, maintain balanced weight distribution, and prevent wheel hop. By facilitating smooth and controlled handling, the differential gear enhances the overall stability and performance of vehicles.

China wholesaler Heavy Duty Differential Gear Set for Npr Nqr Nrr 86-22 bevel gear setChina wholesaler Heavy Duty Differential Gear Set for Npr Nqr Nrr 86-22 bevel gear set
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