China OEM Electric Police Patrol Cart with Ce Approved near me supplier

Merchandise Description

5 Seats Low Pace Police Patrol Cart With Ce

1. Motor: US KDS model
2. Battery: Trojan T-105

Electrical system
controller 1266&sol350A
battery Trojan battery 6V 8units
motor KDS 72V&sol5KW motor
charger Personal computer Smart enter 220V&sol110V ourput 72V 35A
Charging time 8 several hours discharging rate eighty&percnt
Physique configuration
Glass Sandwich glass Solar Roof Fiber glass
seat leather Flooring Autiskid rubber floor
Rear mirror Handoperated equally aspect Steering Twin automotive-design strut and self-change rack-and pinion steering
AC&solLight&solSignal 72V&sol12V-300W  Front gentle turning mild fog mild rear light-weight horn Buzzer
Body Fiber glass
Sprint Board Fiberglass dash board Voltage Indicator 48V Swap Head Lights Switch – Indicators Appropriate&solLeft important switch Swap – Forward&solReverse
Braking system Entrance disc and rear dram our-wheel hydraulic brake&plushand brake
Front axle and suspension Independent suspension helical spring &pluscylinder hydraulic shock absorption
Rear axle and suspension Italy Graziano transaxle,gear ratio 12.31:1 semi-independent transaxle spring cylinder hydraulic shock absorption
Tire diameter 535mm
Size width peak 3200 1500 2100mm
Loading passenger five
Max speed km&solh 30km&solh
70&lowbar90km flat street
Max climbing ability 25&percnt
Mini turning radium m 4.1m
Mini ground clearance 190mm
F&solR Observe Entrance 1100&solback 1150mm
Braking distance three.2M

Contact Particulars:
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HangZhou CZPT Golf & Sightseeing Vehicle Co.,ltd
Mobile: &plus86~thirteen 0571 88828 13858117778016897312
Notify: &plus86- 0571 -8115712

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China OEM Electric Police Patrol Cart with Ce Approved     near me supplier